A typical lesson with Angela

My piano lessons for children

A typical lesson always starts by talking about how the week’s practice has gone.  This way my content and approach is relevant!  I teach the ‘ingredients’ of any new music with a range of varied activities, before opening the book! This is a powerful and fun way of learning.

I plan lessons designed to develop musicianship skills in these key areas: sight-reading/theory, listening, creativity, technique, performing and playing with others.   To do this I use:

  • game playing – for example card games, spot the teacher mistake, challenges, computer games, timers, dice games.
  • imaginative choice of music that will capture their attention.  Often based around their main tutor or exam book, but with supplementary material and seasonal specials.
  • Short technical exercises/warm-ups or scales as appropriate.
  • gently introducing playful practice techniques so they can enjoy learning well at home.
  • improvisation and melody-writing to develop note reading, piano techniques and nurture creativity.
  • Movement to music activities – taking ideas from Dalcroze principals.
  • Singing and using a variety of percussion instruments for rhythm work.
  • Duet playing with me, CD backing track or sibling.
  • For my youngest students imaginative props such as soft toys, play-doh and rings.

Every lesson aims to include something new.  We finish by awarding any stars due, summarising ideas and setting targets for the coming week.

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