My piano lessons for adults are similar to lessons for teenagers.  I enjoy teaching adults because we get to explore exactly the kind of music you want to, at a pace that’s right for you.  Your lesson is a special time that’s just for you, to indulge in yourself and forget about your other responsibilities in life.  You will enjoy learning new skills, relish in challenges and in getting a chance to be creative again.

You are all different, and I enjoy sharing in your musical ‘journey’.  Some of you are starting from scratch, others learnt as a child or have played a different instrument, some want to learn to help their children with practising, others are continuing at an advanced level, some are classroom music or instrumental teachers who want to develop piano skills to help in your own teaching.  We’ll come up with a learning plan that’s right for you.
I have 2 student concerts a year, you’re all very welcome to come and play, and eat and drink and be merry.  They’re really informal, and lots of adults play as well as children and teens.    I’d also encourage you to come and play in the annual Adult Learners concert in Stalybridge, a friendly and supportive chance for just adults to come and play on a summer’s afternoon.